How to do freelancing / outsourcing

This is about software freelancing. How do get software work from US, UK, CANADA, UK, Australia and other developed countries.

Many of my friends who got fired or laid off from their companies. They asked me about how to do outsourcing as a freelance programmer. My platform is LAMP(PHP, MySQL). Here I will share my outsourcing experience as Web Application Programmer. I may not write things in a organized way, but sure you will get a better idea about outsourcing.

Here is the checklist to start your freelancing:

3 years of professional Experience
Your platform may be anything, but you must have 3 years of experience in your domain to be successful in freelancing. You must have minimum 3 years of regular/professional work experience from a company.

Three years of real time programing/project experience. Which means you must complete at least 3000 hrs of programing. Your bench period should not be calculated.

You must work independently at least for a year. Without the support or technical help from your senior/team-tech lead/friends, etc. You must be self-starter. No one should trigger you do start or do the work. This self-initiation is very important in freelancing. You must be a ‘commando’ in your domain without any supervision.

English Language Proficiency
You should be comfortable in your written English(reading and writing). You need not possess very high standard in English language, but you should be able to convey what you like to say.
I hope if you are able to understand my English, you can understand your client’s written communication.

You must have good computer with a high speed broadband internet connection. You should be familiar with Skype, Whatsapp, and other chat engines.

If you are working and need to do freelancing for extra income, never never never use your office infrastructure and office hours for your freelancing. It will create fear, tension and reduce you quality and productivity both in office and freelancing.

When you need to do freelancing/Outsourcing

Do freelancing when you really need to do it. Successful freelancers, either freelance or go to job. They do not mix both. If you are going to a job and your salary is sufficient then do not freelance. Combining both will create stress and affect your quality of life.

Please do not freelance if your salary is more than enough to fulfill your material needs of your life. Spend your ‘after office hours’ with your friends, family, and other activities which you like to do without expecting any return.

I either freelance or go to job. My friend who is successful in both job and freelancing, either pursue a job or freelance, but not both at a time.

The best practice is do freelancing when you do not have job or your salary is insufficient to fulfill your basic needs.

What I have mentioned here are Maturity, Attitude, Expertise, and Infrastructure. You may posses all or lack in something. Even you lack in something, you can start outsourcing if you are in dear need of money. Need is Skill. Sooner or later you will automatically develop the skills needed to be a freelancer if you keep trying.

Hi geek, if the information provided in this page is not sufficient to you, please look in other pages.