Divorce can Recover Marriage Expense

In a marriage there are recoverable and non-recoverable expenses. In case of divorce non-recoverable expenses can not be redeemed.

The money spent for Marriage hall, rich food, light music, decorations, bridal and bridegroom makeups, if Bus or Van arranged to pick and drop relatives, printing invitations are can not be redeemed by divorce.

The jewels given as dowry, cost of dresses for spouses not for relatives (In some marriages new dresses will be gifted to relatives), vessels presented to Bride are can be redeemed.

In short money, spent to buy asset in marriage can be redeemed after divorce. Money spent for services in marriages can not be redeemed after divorce.

One of my neighbor spent around 4 lakhs for food alone in their daughter’s marriage. Within six months she returned home and applied for divorce. The 4 lakhs spent for the food which was served to more than 2000 people attended the marriage can not be recovered. They may need to spend another 4 lakhs or less for her second/next marriage.

Nowadays, divorce seems to be happening often. Many love marriages are ended in divorce like ‘bounce back’ after marriages. Couple might have been loving for years and years, but after marriages they get divorced quickly.

Arranged marriage done bombastically by the parents with their ‘last money’. If the marriage get divorced, they are empty to cover the expense of another marriage.

An government employee who spent is retirement fund to his daughter marriage. He lavishly spent all his money in the marriage. Within 2 years his daughter’s marriage life broken. Either she divorced or got divorced. Now the ’emptied’ father does not have money to do the second marriage.

It is better to avoid spending too much in marriages since there is no guarantee that the marriages will last for long time. Keep some reserve fund for second marriage if divorce happened.

If you are the father and about to spend 10 lakhs for your daughter’s marriage, here are the options to manage second marriage.

1) keep a reserve fund.

2) Do not spend too much in marriage, like finish off the marriage within 1 or 2 lakhs. Give the portion of the amount periodically to your daughter in the next years. This may avoid the divorce initiated from your son-in-law since year s/he will receive some lump sum amount. During these years they might have settled down to live and adjust with each other with their respective negatives.

It is similar to the periodical payout release in Reverse Mortgage Loan.

If you belong to middle class or upper middle class income group, beware of spending too much or emptying yourself in your kids marriages.

Divorce has penetrated the middle class society. Divorce is no longer the property of Cine actor/actress. Educated middle and upper middle class couples are engaging in divorce casually. For them ‘divorce’ is not a big word or unreachable horizon like previous generations.

Parents may need to get their kids marry once, twice, or more. So reduce the expense spent for marriages.

Blogging Literature reflects life

Does Blogging literature reflects life? There are plenty of content written in Blogs. Are they qualified to be Literature?

Blogging is a Digital Literature. It reflects the life in all the aspects when it is written.

Blogging reflects the life of the blogger from individual point of view to traditional and national level. It reflects the current trend his time and place. By reading a blog we can come to know about the person who writes it. By reading the blogs of particular language or particular country it is possible to extract the information about the country. If we read the blogs for period of time, we can know the trends and currents in those period.

Five years back there were more technical content in internet. Now more personal content. Now more product reviews, personal review of a products are available. In the future something may be dominating as content which may be different from now. The trend of a time, trend of a place is clearly and vividly recorded in blogs.

Blogs help us to study regional wise, national wise, race wise.

Blogs of Israel tell the happenings in Israel. Tech blogs tell the technical advancement in the society.

Samsung Marine a mobile phone is introduced in India. By reading an Indian blog an European can come to know about Samsung Marine, which is not sold in Europe.

Culture and traditional changes of every society and country is clearly reflected in blogs.

Blogging does the role of ancient literature to us. When our period becomes ancient to future generations our blogs will help them to study of life, history, culture like we study the ancient time through its literature.

Gene Therapy – Color blindness Cure

Color blindness can be cured by Gene Therapy. It is proven and tested with monkeys. Human is yet to be tested for curing color blindness.

Color blindness is not curable for centuries. Some of the job profiles rejects people with color blindness. Police, Military and other defense jobs rejects people with color blindness.

Gene Therapy is still at the research and testing level with animals. So far I have not heard any news as a Human is treated by Gene Therapy. If you have heard any news like that, please share.

Regarding color blindness it is successfully tested with monkeys and monkeys are able to differentiate the colors. They were not able to detect Red and Green spots before the treatment.

Those who want to cure their color blindness can undergo Gene Therapy. No human with color blindness is not yet treated with Gene Therapy. I do not think people will risk their vision for curing color blindness. Let us live with color blindness instead of total blindness.

Because, still Gene Therapy can not assure that it has no side effects. People also afraid of changing the gene code, no one can guess what will happen if gene recoding goes wrongly.

If Gene Therapy used to give vision to a blind man, blind people may boldly turn up for getting vision. If the mission failed nothing to loose. Since they are already blind, continue to be blind. If the Gene Therapy succeeds, they get their vision to see the world.

If a cancer patient is destined to die in six months and the Gene Therapy could challenge the cancer, the patient will be ready to change his gene code for a try.If the genetic re-engineering succeeds, the patient will survive, otherwise the patient will die as destined or die six months earlier.

Gene Therapy should be applied in disabilities or disease like nothing to loose if treatment failed. So people will come forward for a chance. The more number of success rates, will revolutionize the human way of thinking about God, disease, medicine, and life.

The growing genetic engineering can be boon to many disabilities, diseases in the future. Gene Therapy will become a new branch in modern medicine.

CIBIL – Defaulter Vs NPA

NPA stands for Non Performing Asset.

Are you listed in CIBIL defaulter list? If so, do not get panic. Listed as defaulter is not so serious like NPA. Many do not aware of NPA. Defaulter status does not eliminate your chances to get next loans completely.

Even if you miss one EMI you can be declared as ‘Defaulter’ though you complete the loan later. If your next creditor or bank denying to issue loan since you are defaulted in the EMI in last loan, you can give valid reason to Justify why did you defaulted and you are having a scope to convince the loan issuing authority. You can give reason for why you have defaulted your EMI. Like, You are sick, you are fired and etc provided you should have cleared your loan.

What is more serious than ‘defaulter’ is NPA. If you are listed in NPA list, you are at dead end. You can not get loan from any nationalised or private banks. If a bank manager issues loan to a person who is listed in NPA, can be sued. The person issues loan has to justify why he has given loan to person who is listed by CIBIL as NPA.

NPA is deadly than Defaulter.

If you miss out an EMI, you can be listed as Defaulter. Next month you continue to pay your EMI including the pending EMIs. In case you fail to pay the EMI for the next three months, your loan is a Non Performing Asset to the Bank.

If any loan does not yield result(EMIs) for 90 days, it is a Non Performing Asset( NPA ). The loan holder’s creditability is completely damaged. If any loan which is not functional for more than 90 days, it has to be mentioned in NPA, otherwise the manager or authorised person has to give reason why the loan is not listed in NPA.

How to avoid listed in CIBIL defaulter list

If you know that you are not able to pay your EMI for next month or so, you can inform the bank in advance in writing and confirm that you can pay cumulatively later on. So that your case may not be informed to CIBIL by your bank.

Keep good relationship with your bank. Inform your situation if things go wrong, in advance and confirm that you can pay the loan even if you fail one or two EMIs, in writing. This will maintain your creditability with the institution where you get loan and may avoid you get listed in CIBIL defaulter list.

How to avoid listed in NPA list

If you are listed in defaulter do not worry, but resume paying your EMI within 90 days.

NPA is a killer status than Defaulter.

Mobile Browsing

Converting normal websites to ‘mobile browsing’ is really needed? If needed, how to implement it easily?

Right now there is no such traffic or data transfer from mobile devices like desktop or laptop. There is no guarantee that people will switch to mobile browsing to surf the internet as on date.

If we compare the previous history of desktop browsing, I predict sooner or later mobile phones will be used for browsing more than desktop computers.

Desktop browsing increased when the bandwidth capacity increased by Internet Service Providers (ISP). Because of the high speed broadband connections at affordable cost, video and audio streaming is made possible to the internet.

Desktop browsing got momentum because of high speed internet connection and higher bandwidth.

In the same manner speed and bandwidth of wireless/GPRS internet connectivity increased, mobile browsing will get momentum.

Mobile browsing will generate more traffic than desktop computers when the speed and bandwidth of wireless internet connectivity increased.

The SMS communication among present generation youngster makes sure that they have better ‘dexterity’ with mobile phones than computers. When this ‘present’ generation matures to middle ages they prefer mobile phone than computer to browsing.

Technology growth has great impact in life style changes.

Desktop browsing may be obsolete when ISPs increase the speed and bandwidth of wireless internet connection.

At one point of time, most websites will have dual versions. Once for desktop browsing and another for mobile browsing.

Techie guys will manage with the single website for both desktop and mobile browsing with little compromise in user experience. This site is such one. I do not maintain two different domains for desktop and mobile browsing. You can view this site both desktop and in cell phone browser with ease.

Camphor – Natural Mosquito Repellent

Camphor is a Natural mosquito repellent. You do not need to burn it.

Have a cup of water. Let the cup or plate or vessel has wide opened to mouth to easy evaporation of water.Drop the Camphor into the water. Keep the cup with water and camphor in your sleeping room. The quantity of water and camphor may differ from room size. Let the windows be closed as usual.

Camphor dropped in water is a natural mosquito repellent.

Water evaporate at normal temperature. Camphor slowly started dissolving in water. The water evaporates with Camphor smell. Adding little bit hot water gives instant action. No boiling water, little bit hot with comfortably drinkable.

Camphor is a auspicious item used in worshiping God in India. The Local name of Camphor is ‘Karpuram’.

Many people do not aware of the Mosquito repellent power of Camphor. A simple solution without side effects and cost effective.

Mosquitoes still do not re-engineered their gene code to defend camphor.